Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Morning's Descent

In the desolate void my body fell, knelt;
a heavy breeze slipped through me, unfelt,
past the mirage of affairs gone awry,
as I prayed to the velvet stricken sky,
to hold all the foolish dreams that creep
underneath my eye’s veil, as I sleep.

I wished to find the cure within
the moon lit night, so still and serene.
But darkness that swallows time’s light
got poisoned by the suns' wicked right.
And the bold, flickering morning sun,
burnt me bare, more futile, more sullen.

I saw the amber leaves waver
tugging at the strings of my heart’s favor;
in gentle curls and swaying  twists,
yet I was indifferent at best,
then morning begun it’s descent.
birthing a sin, owed repent

Helena Malheur  © 2010

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