Monday, September 17, 2012

a hundred romantic verses,,,

I sleep, clinging to the pillow
your head had rested on, once.
I cannot kiss its lips, nor can I depend
on its arms to hold me, or its hands
to caress my face; but the memories of you
dance across its body like a montage of scenes.

I watch the night sky glitter with a million stars.
I know you see it too.
The moon whispers my name;
it calls for me to give in,
to surrender my heart to love
without reservation, expectation or doubt.
It summons me to feel the freedom
of living without fear. I try but it isn’t easy.

I watch the light seep into my room –
the crickets must have seen it too –;
I take a breath, abandon my mind
to follow nature’s calling, your calling.
Distance can be so cruel,
and yet it can ignite a fire inside you,
rouse an insatiable longing and desire
to fuel a hundred romantic verses.

This is number one and I wrote it for you…

©  2012 Helena Malheur

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