Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blue is a good color

I have yet to find a bottomless sea;
Inevitably all things float up to the surface
as if summoned by God himself.
Even the grand ocean with its vast secrets
is powerless against blemished memories.

Though God has since given me courage
to walk on this tightrope, this life, 
madness is nearer now; and it walks
not amongst the shadows lurking
behind a fate of my inheritance,

but alongside me in broad daylight. 
It lies next to me as I fall asleep
and talks nonsense in the middle of the night.
It burrows my ever longing heart
widening the wounds that fester inside.

No matter, I shall take its outstretched hand
and walk forward, not a step missed,
nor a whimper uttered out of my pale lips.
Blue is a good color;
it was my father’s color and now it shall be mine. 

© 2013 Helena Malheur


  1. Beautiful, Helena...and a poem that ends with much hope...I love the colour blue :)

  2. Thanks Louise! Much appreciate you stopping by.


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