Friday, August 30, 2013

Life Lived on My Terms

If I had a dream, I’d dream
I am still, silent as the night.
Dawn’s always approaching;
it comes 'round with a life
too fast to be seen, heard, or felt.

And living has become a frill –
for those who don’t do
something worthwhile.
And regret looks on   
from a not too distant future,
wagging its finger in caution.

I want to live for moments;
but there are moments
which stalk the memory –
replaying like viral images –
and there are those which vanish.

The vanishing sort,
are the ones I wish I could keep;
but it has never been up to me.

I want to believe that time is an illusion –
a momentary ill that can be cured.
I want to taste this bitter sweet world,
and feel comfort in the calm
of a life lived on my terms.  

© 2013 Helena Malheur  

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