Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Suffused in Sunshine

A subtle smile appears 
Across my face
Throughout the day;
I needn't a reason 
Other than 
Thoughts of you. 
I steal time with you 
At work, at lunch, the store...
Anywhere and everywhere 
I'm able to daydream.

It is as though 
I am suffused in sunshine
Despite the rain and clouds.
You'll find me reminiscing 
Over vivid moments --
The delicate nature 
Of your touch,
Your fingers tracing
My back, my shoulders, 
Your eyes fixed on mine.

I think about your kiss;
The way you hold me,
Nearer than 
I remember being held.
I think about your smile 
And how your laughter 
Transforms you into a boy.
I think about your eyes;
Even you can't tell me
What color they are.

And I, long to breathe the air
Expelled from your lips
While we sleep --
Our bodies intertwined,
Not a sliver of space 
Between us;
I crave the electric joy  
That surges through me
When I open my eyes
To find you next to me. 

© 2013 Helena Malheur

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