Art In All Forms

I have always been a fan of the arts (in every form).  I love going to the theatre/ballet, opera, and museums... Each city I travel to, I select a venue to visit.  The last time, my travels took me to San Fransisco (my second favorite city - NYC is my first) where I saw "Madama Butterfly" at the War Memorial Opera House.  It was a delight; I've always liked Puccini's work; "Tosca" is another one of his works that I had the privilege to see, at the Royal Opera House in London, and thought it was fantastic!  I like the ballet as well and have seen many shows during my travels, but the one that illudes me to this day is "Swan Lake," which I have not seen yet, (not live anyway) so that is on the top of my list.

Of course, I am a big fan of paintings by Picasso, Monet, Degas, Gauguin, etc... I try to dabble in painting myself, (I'm afraid I'm not very good) usually acrylic on canvas. I do a bit of sketching too. I've always liked to doodle as a child and have taken a few courses but I don't claim to be an "artist" per se... just another hobby I enjoy. 

Here are some of my recent works. 


Ballerina #1

Ballerina #2

Self Poetrait #2

Man on bench

The Ball

Red Ballerina 2011 

White Swan 2011 (From Swan Lake)

Ballerina in motion 2011 (experiment with different styles 19th/20th century)

Life 2010

Blue heart 2010 (Trying my hand at Surrealism)

Exteriors and Interiors 2010 (another expansion on blue heart)

Madness 2010

Heartbreak 2010

The road 2010 (map of a life - don't know which name I want to stick with)

Melancholia - a self portrait 2011

Oh, how I wished I played the violin! 2010 (really - it was a dream, I've started learning now!)

Summer 2010

Butterfly 2012

Sunset Gold 2010

Sunset Red 2010 (I guess I was in love with sunsets!)

Welcome to Florida 2011 (for a friend with invitation attached)

Impossible 2010

Natural 2010

Copy of Le Rêve by Picasso (My second attempt; my first was atrocious, really..)

Nameless Painting by Otterson 1939 from Frasier set (my attempt)

Yes, it is the Seinfeld crew... done very badly... a rush job.



My Friend, My Sister 2010

Mother 2010