Sunday, September 30, 2012

The lost gather upon your road

The lost gather upon your road
and raise their arms in supplication;
but there are others who surrender
to their raw needs as desperation
heightens the urgency.

I’m always steps away from calling
but something keeps pulling me back;
I see your porch light is always on,
waiting for me to come home.
I won’t disappoint you this time, father.

I’ve hesitated one too many times
as I approached your gate,
for fear that I am no longer pure;
I had strayed for so long.

I am like a worldly ghost
looking to escape a shadow
that keeps trailing me.
Let your light shine upon my path;
and let it be seen far and wide. 

Helena Malheur 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

If I could turn the shade of the moon

The moon hangs heavy,
stretching its blues upon the sky.
Tender moments with you
are lost under the weight of this night.
I think of your wavering heart and this
elastic space between us;

It’s strange how space expands and contracts
with each laughter, each tear,
each loving word, or frustrated tone.

If I could turn the shade of the moon,
I would paint it white,
brighter than the whitest white you’ve ever seen.
Will that make it easier for you to see me?  
Or will you still be afraid of the dark? 

©  2012 Helena Malheur

Monday, September 17, 2012

a hundred romantic verses,,,

I sleep, clinging to the pillow
your head had rested on, once.
I cannot kiss its lips, nor can I depend
on its arms to hold me, or its hands
to caress my face; but the memories of you
dance across its body like a montage of scenes.

I watch the night sky glitter with a million stars.
I know you see it too.
The moon whispers my name;
it calls for me to give in,
to surrender my heart to love
without reservation, expectation or doubt.
It summons me to feel the freedom
of living without fear. I try but it isn’t easy.

I watch the light seep into my room –
the crickets must have seen it too –;
I take a breath, abandon my mind
to follow nature’s calling, your calling.
Distance can be so cruel,
and yet it can ignite a fire inside you,
rouse an insatiable longing and desire
to fuel a hundred romantic verses.

This is number one and I wrote it for you…

©  2012 Helena Malheur