Saturday, May 24, 2014

Forget my heart, my song

Seduced by the charms of hope, 
I, dressed like a clown, skipped my heart
Into another beautiful lie -
A wonderfully exquisite lie!

And as the stars rest upon my face, I wish, 
The night would lull me to sleep in peace,
To forget, to seek nothing and need
Nothing of this absurdity, this life. 

No, never-mind despair, its never far; 
Yet its eager to retreat into its cave. My will 
Does not abide by the rules of my heart.
It is the possibility of your return that it fears. 

Let these words of love, these gravid words
Stuck in the back of my throat, inherit 
From my despair, the need to depart;
Let it be so, that you forget my heart, my song. 

© 2014 Helena Malheur 

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