Sunday, May 18, 2014

When Dusk Departs

The moon hangs, watching us 
With casual curiosity, its pale blue light 
Peeking through trees ornamented with moss.
Breeze scented with honey suckle
Tosses your hair, my dress.
My heart undulates with lithe clouds 
Dancing over your lips --
The dizzying aroma of coffee and 
Strawberries lingering on your breath;
I drift into your mesmeric gaze. 

Palpable heat hovers in the air
While the night sways with music; 
The silvery rhythm invades my limbs, 
Frees my voice to speak the truth.
You have unearthed my gullible skin
Leaving behind infinite reveries 
Of unquelled yearnings for love.
My fears and doubts forgotten,
I long to rest my pride at your feet.

But I feel your mind retreat, as if 
To escape the noise of the past. 
I watch as a look of disdain barges
Upon your face; I know this look, I fear it. 
I have to believe this is not your heart speaking.
And so, my heart and I lay against your chest  
Unfettered by tomorrow's qualms. 
And when dusk departs, I will 
Sit quietly with my dwelling heart,
Imagining the trees, the honey suckle breeze,
Our fervent breaths, and your topaz gaze 
Shimmering in the light of the moon. 

© 2014 Helena Malheur 
P. H. 

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