Monday, June 9, 2014

Right Is Never Right

I heard those five words even before we met, 
Long before I watched the mist settle 
On the white lilies you planted in our backyard --
Tearing the milky fog blanketing the air.

I stood in the rain waiting for the storm. 
I never asked you to stand in the rain. 
Stay under the sun.  Sleep with the moon. 
Scoop the stars from the sky 
And throw them away; I don't need light. 

I am damp as the grass beneath my feet, 
Long after the rain subsided; 
Bones soaked in melancholia, 
Even you can't wring it out of me.

But she, the little lily white bud, bathing in your sun --
She must look up at you, in awe,   
With her big green eyes and dark brown hair. 
I imagined her, ever since I saw the moon light 
Seep through the moss covered trees in your front yard.

And I still refuse to listen to the right voices singing 
The right songs. I listen to your voice. 
I listen to those five little words that sunk a ship. 
"I don't love you anymore."

Because wrong is so right it feeds on denial,
Like a parasite. and right is never right in the wrong light.
In this cricket hour, the remembering hour,
I must forget to remember regret; and once more, 
Abandon a girl more malleable than me. 


© 2014 Helena Malheur 

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