Monday, August 27, 2012

Laughing again, living again, loving again….

The room is empty.
The world seems quiet,
Except for the cricket’s chirr.
I sit in the vacant terrace
Where you used to sit.
I sip from a glass,
Red wine that tastes
Bitter now,
With memories trailing
behind each drop.

I look back at the room;
It seems so much bigger;
It’s too big for me –
This world is too big.
But, I'm starting to feel
as if I'm growing with the world
Since you left.
I want to feel small again;
I need to feel small again,
To be held in your arms,
Like a child.

Though you are miles away,
I feel your breath around my neck;
Let go and I'll let go of you. 
It's time we left it all behind.
I am ready 
To give myself a chance,
To start laughing again, 
Living again, loving again…. 

2012 Helena Malheur

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